Assistance for pipefitter and family following asbestos diagnosis

Mr M was sadly diagnosed with a tumour in the lung in December 2012. Initially it was thought that he was suffering from mesothelioma but following his death in April 2013 a post mortem confirmed that he had died from an adeno carcinoma.

Mr M's symptoms

He started to suffer from a cough whilst on holiday in Spain in September 2012 and on his return to the UK he attended his GP and was treated for a respiratory tract infection. He did not respond to the antibiotics prescribed his coughing continued and was accompanied by chest pain and increasing shortness of breath.

He had CT scans which confirmed that he had a carcinoma of the lung. His treating Respiratory Physicians suspected that in view of his history of exposure to asbestos it was likely that he had mesothelioma particularly since his health declined very rapidly after the onset of symptoms. He had a session of chemotherapy but did not respond to the treatment very well and sadly suffered unpleasant side effects. He died at home with his family in April 2013.

Mr M was employed for 3 and a half years in the mid 1970’s and then again in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s as an assistant pipefitter with The Chiswick Heating Company Ltd when he was a young man. His role was mainly removing asbestos lagging from large boilers in schools, council buildings and properties in the West London area. He did this by prising off the lagging with a tool such as a screwdriver and pulling the lagging off with his hands. The boilers were often very large and the process to remove the lagging often took up to a day, created an extremely dusty working environment and took place in small enclosed boiler rooms and basements .He was not provided with any masks or protective equipment nor was he given any warnings about the dangers of working with and breathing in asbestos dust and fibres.

The Chiswick Heating Company Ltd was dissolved many years ago which meant that in order to pursue a claim for damages Mr M and his family had to identify the employer’s liability insurer for the company during Mr M’s periods of employment.

Help and assistance from BASG

BASG were able to help Mr M and his family with DWP benefits applications and by providing details of Mesothelioma UK approved Solicitors who brought a successful claim against The Chiswick Heating Company Ltd on behalf of the family.

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